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Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes Free Download


Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes


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Release Year Aug 14, 2019



For Lilli, life at nun’s not easy.
Only the shy girl’s vivacious imagination allows her to escape the daily nuisance of the head of the nun. He works diligently in his daily work, no matter how difficult his duties are. And if anything goes wrong or becomes ugly, the joyful control demons are behind it: they cover all the things that Lilli would not prefer to meet consciously with a pink paint.

When her best friend Edna disappears under mysterious circumstances, Lilli embarks on a bravely dangerous journey not only to bring back her friend, but also to face her subconscious fears.

A classic Point and Click adventure game with all the traditional features

Strange characters and crazy humor

Outstanding gaming experience with challenging puzzles, hours of dialogue and 53 different locations

1 Player
minimum 3GB space required
HDTV screen resolution: 720p, 1080i, 1080p

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