Steam Cd Key

Cold Waters Free CD Key For Steam

Cold Waters Free CD Key For Steam

This product is brand new and unused Cold Water CD Key for Steam.

About Cold Water:

After following a Soviet ground force affiliated to Iceland, it’s time to prepare your attack plan Are you quietly approaching to torpedo the landing ships and escape during the resulting mess? Or attack with long-range missiles, but take the risk of attack against enemy escort? Have you detected them all, could there be another submarine listening to you? Hunter hunted? Will you get rid of the cold waters?

Inspired by the 1988 classic Storm Red Storm Rising,, the Cold War heats up and the II. When World War II started, a nuclear submarine was commanded in a desperate attempt to prevent “mutually assured destruction”.

You will be charged with convoys, amphibious landings, docking missions and fighting enemy warships, submarines and planes. Fortunately, an arsenal of wire-guided torpedoes, anti-ship and cruise missiles, and the occasional SEAL team are on board to keep the Iron Curtain away.

Main Features:
– Real time naval battle
– More than 40 ships and submarine classes rigorously investigated
– Dynamic Campaign where your performance is important
– Realistic sonar model
– Authentic Soviet war tactics


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