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Dark Souls 2: Black Armour Edition Free CD Key For Steam

Dark Souls 2: Black Armour Edition Free CD Key For Steam

This product is brand new and unused Black Souls II: Black Armor Edition CD Key for Steam

Black Armor Edition Features:

  • Black Flamestone Dagger and Black Flamestone Parma. A dagger and shield wrapped in Black Flamestone, both located in the Groove in Black Gulch. Although they are heavier than a normal dagger and a shield, the unique properties of the Flamestone crystal make the dagger extremely sharp and provide high protection against damage.
  • Yellow Quartz Longsword and Yellow Quartz Shield. Both a straight sword hardened with a yellow quartz drilled at the bottom of the Iron Keep and a small shield. Although these products can easily break due to their high corrosion levels, they are extraordinarily lightweight and have not reduced the ability to cause damage.
  • Hand Tied Ax and Tied Wooden Shield. A ruthless hand ax and shield in Undead Purgatory. Both substances are wrapped in chains and spines are used to cause additional bleeding on enemies. Both the ax and the shield decreased overall shear force, but their ability to give pain was intentionally increased.
  • Homunculus Mace and Homunculus Wood Shield – A bun and trench with spherical protrusions found in Aldia’s Keep. Although heavier than normal macros and shields, hard overhangs increase the defense power of the mace as well as the striking power of the mace.
  • Transgressor’s Employee and Transgressor’s Skin Shield. A staff and leather shield wandered with an unknown and seemingly undersized element; they are found in the Dark Abyss of the Ancients. They became a catalyst for witchcraft and hex, causing an effect known as Darkness.

How to enable the key:

You can activate the key by downloading the Steam client for free from and activating the key in the Steam software. This small software group allows you to download Dark Souls 2 legally and directly from Steam’s official content servers at high speed.

About Black Souls II:

Willing Great Challenges in Dark Souls 2

Black Souls II It promises to continue the legacy of Dark Souls with limitless challenges and a sense of empowering the Dark Souls players, offering new demonic obstacles to be overcome.

These new obstacles will be in a new and alien world, but will be a huge obstacle in the pattern of the original game. Black Souls II At the same time, our hero will introduce a new hero and a whole new story filled with epic battles, terrible enemies and bloodthirsty bosses that must be seized as they pass through this world of death, despair and destruction.

A single-player campaign, as well as a renewed server-based multiplayer experience Black Souls II, Dark Souls’ different – and twisted – to play with others online by putting the twist. This is not a multiplayer mode for the reluctant, but if you have the power of determination and will, great rewards are waiting for you!

Dark Souls II, which promises to encourage innovation in design and storytelling and to expand the world from the original to a bigger point, is developed in the same uncompromising nature as the game itself. Prepare for a new and dark journey that will truly challenge you.

  • Prepare to die … Again: Dare to join an intense game like never before in a vast world supported by a brand new engine with graphics, sound and fast forward
  • Maze of monsters and bosses: Immerse yourself in mind-bending environments full of new twisted monsters and deadly bosses that can only come from the imagination of the software
  • Sensory attack: A wide range of threats will affect human senses.


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