Steam Cd Key

Mazement CD Key Free For Steam

Mazement Free CD Key For Steam

This product is brand new and unused Mazement CD Key for Steam.

About Mazement:

Mazement is a ball game that combines the fantasy story with traditional wooden maze and platform games. Mazement features fully 3D graphics and interesting physics-based games, including destructible environments. The player controls the level slope to guide the ball safely through increasingly difficult mazes full of puzzles, traps, enemies and secrets.

Coins can be collected to buy different power-ups from hub-level power-shops. These enhancements allow the player to jump off walls or float between gaps. In the story, the player seeks to rescue his ballmates from the tyranny of the evil pyramid and cube minions.


  • 30 spread levels full of puzzles, dangers and excitement
  • Physics based game including destructible environments
  • Fun and interesting story with beautiful pictures
  • Self-reinforcing collectible coins and boosters
  • Develop yourself with the forces coming out of the in-game shop
  • Fight unique and powerful bosses


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