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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Free CD Key For Steam

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 Free CD Key For Steam

This product is brand new and unused Trainz Railway Simulator 2019 CD Key for Steam.

About Trainz Railway Simulator 2019:

Welcome to the latest (and best) version of the Trainz Railway Simulator, which keeps railway fans busy since 2001!

Whether you’re using a train, operating a railroad with dozens of AI drivers, or creating your own dream railroad masterpiece with the world’s cutest construction vehicles, TRS19 offers something for everyone.

Includes Trainz Railway Simulator 2019 (World Edition)

  • 6 built-in routes *
  • More than 40 interactive sessions
  • 130+ driveable locos
  • 500+ rolling products
  • More than 17,000 products in total

* A route is installed in the basic installation. 5 additional routes (also purchased Trainz DLC products) are free for in-game installation.

Regional Packages Also Available

  • Trainz Railway Simulator 2019 – North American Edition
  • Trainz Railway Simulator 2019 – UK Edition
  • Trainz Railway Simulator 2019 – European Edition


  • driver More than 130 different locos
  • choose simple or realistic Control modes
  • topic Driver Commands Dozens of train drivers to run your AI
  • Edit existing routes or create your own masterpiece
  • Download more content From Trainz Download Station

Also features:

  • updated graphics
  • Smooth performance
  • Better stability
  • new vehicles
  • Support for your existing Trainz content



  • A major engine update offers more realistic graphics:
  • Physical Based Processing provides accurately simulated lighting for photorealistic graphics in real time.
  • Parallax Mapping provides highly detailed information that makes it possible with textured elevation maps.
  • Detail Maps enhances images with macro or micro surface details.
  • Ambient Lighting provides more control for direct, indirect and High Dynamic Range lighting.


  • NVIDIA Turf Effects empowers road builders to simulate a wide range of realistic floor coverings.
  • Place Animated Floor Cover rippling in the wind.
  • Customizable Ground Clutter fills your route with micro-detailed objects.
  • Enhanced Batch Change tool to quickly update your existing routes to new standards.


  • Easier access and better visualization while driving:
  • The Track Profile displays important information for improved driving accuracy.
  • Switch between Train Control Mode to instantly switch between Simple, Realistic and AI Command modes.
  • Driver Control Center to control and manage dozens of AI Drives.
  • Command Properties that can be edited in real time to instantly update Driver AI Commands.


  • My collection allows you to quickly and easily view all of your installed locos and rolling products.
  • Look for Routes, Sessions, and Rolling Stock in the new menu interface.
  • Filter by Content Type, Source, Region, and others.
  • Tag your “Favorites” for easy viewing and selection.
  • Search and download Trainz Download Station directly in the game.


  • In TRS19, you can edit and update all internal and “DLC” routes and sessions.
  • Customize terrain and ground textures.
  • Replace or add parts and part objects.
  • Increase or decrease the intensity of landscape assets.
  • Share your edits with other content owners via Trainz Download Station.


  • Selection lists – Add selected items to the selection list you select.
  • Raildriver Support – TANE and TRS19 both support Raildriver controllers.
  • Seasonal Support for the procedural part.
  • In-game help systems.
  • FBX mesh support provides support for more 3D art tools and PBR materials.


Each route uses the latest TRS19 content and features and is fully editable by you! The first download includes an updated Kickstarter County 2, 10 Tutorials and a Content Sample map. The 5 built-in routes included in your purchase are downloaded at your maximum Internet connection speed using the in-game Asset Download menu. Choose to download all or as many as you want.

With approximately 500,000 items to choose from, additional free content can be downloaded from Trainz Download Station. (Note: For DLS content, buying a Premium Ticket will increase your DLS download speed and remove the 100 MB limit per day).

Completely revised and updated according to TRS19 Standards. With the recognition of all our Kickstarter supporters, we have made some major updates to KSC by completely renewing and updating the route to TRS19 Standards. Includes 4 new interactive sessions, new industries and an expanded world.

Majestic Prototypical Rocky Mountains Route by RoysTrainz. This tremendous 2000 km2 prototypical Rocky Mountains route has been extensively overhauled to take full advantage of the new features of TRS19. Includes 4 new interactive sessions as well as stunning new high-resolution trains and passenger cars.

A brand-new masterpiece from Jango This stunning work is a must-see for every Trainz fan. With an incredible eye for detail and majestic Italian views as the backdrop, this prototypical rural Italian route is a real masterpiece. Includes 6 new interactive sessions and a stunning new Orient Express train.

Completely revised and updated according to TRS19 Standards. An idyllic, single-track line in Wetterau and Main-Kinzig-Kreis in the West German province. New Runway and Landscape plus 4 new sessions with new detail rolling stock.

Completely revised and updated to TRS19 Standards. This impressive route runs between Truro and Penzance in Cornwall. Includes branch lines to Falmouth, Helston, Hayle Wharves and St Ives. New Track, Ground Textures, Assets and 8 new sessions never seen before.

Completely revised and updated according to TRS19 Standards. Founded in 1976, this well-known ECML route includes the Forth and Thai railway bridges, the Rosyth Naval Pier, and the stunning view of the Firth of Forth Estuary. Be aware of some good gradients and some serious speed restrictions as you learn the path.

TRS19 is not just built-in routes. We have also included a wide range of new locos, wagons and landscapes with a total of more than 15,000 products. We are also working on a whole new set of high quality TRS19 DLC content.

Note that the initial setup includes a route and 5 additional routes are shown for free download within the game.

We also offer Regional Edition packages at a lower price, including these two additional packages.

Note for Mac Users:
TurfFX is a feature that provides animated floor covers and currently only works on PC systems in DirectX mode. Therefore, your version will work in the same way as the PC version with “TurfFX disabled”.


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